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Wall decoration is full of brilliant color to the walls
Release time:2015-8-18 14:12:43

    In many people's minds, wall at home where almost dispensable. However, if you understand the use of wall features, or make a unique luster wall lamp glow. For example, many real estate apartment pattern, are basically a corridor, if the end of the corridor wall, install one and home-style corresponding with unique sense of style wall lamp, the whole dreary corridor immediately broken.
    Wall belongs to interior lighting, under normal circumstances with milky white glass shade; lamp power more in 15 ~ 40 watts. Light, elegant and harmonious, the environment can be very elegant decoration, rich and beautiful. A common wall with bedside wall lamps, mirror wall, common wall lamp and so on. Bedside wall lamp installed in the bed most of the top left, lamp can be universal rotation, the beam focused, easy to read; mirror more decorative wall mirror in the restroom near.Wall effects of good or bad, first, and space size. Relatively small space, decorated with simple light the main principles of the best, the best do not have wall lamp. If your home is big enough, when you install the wall, but also note that the installed height to be slightly more than eye-level. Meanwhile, the wall should not be too bright, so that space for more productive mood. In addition, the installation of wall, we should take into account the relationship between the wall and the wall, colorful paint nowadays, you can change the wall color, which allows the wall at the wall does not appear in isolation. For example, geese and white or yellow walls,
Can choose to light green on the wall, light blue; Lake green and sky-blue walls can be equipped with milky white, yellow, brown, wall in the background, a prominent wall, not only become an eye-dotting ceremony, and gave people with elegant fresh feeling.
    Wall usually appears in the living room, bedroom, corridor space, so few home, but it is in each space, the effects are not the same. In the living room wall is more decorative features, asking it to look concise, have a certain design aesthetic. In the bedroom, some people prefer to install a similar standard hotel room at the kind of traditional European-style wall lamp, this time, wall lamp in the bedroom, assumed the functions of the main light source, asking it to be a suitable brightness, shade should be clean and beautiful. Appeared in the corridor when the wall is almost the main characters in this space, it is equivalent to the role of a mural under the spotlights shining,This wall lamp can be based on your aesthetic taste, or choose the classic European iron lamp, or choose modern aluminum wall space, you can also choose the nest-like atmosphere of rattan with natural light.
    Lighting is often the material presents a certain style, crystal lamps brilliant brilliant contrast luxurious style; gold-plated iron wall lights display Simple and elegant style; natural materials, natural lighting give a rustic feel. In the color mix on, then pay attention to light and colors complement each other, through a combination of lights to create different seasons warm and cold tones required.Understanding of such a small common sense, will help your home outstanding performance in the wall so that your home room presents a warm, graceful light environment.

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