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With lighting design of a unified style, its own personality was significantly
Release time:2015-8-18 14:15:03

      Light is a family's eyes, beautiful lamps according to a new house size and the overall decorative style to harmonize with. Grasp the essentials, even without professional guidance can also be matching to the appropriate lamps. Of course not only consider the lamp shape and price, but also consider the brightness and brightness should be defined is not dazzling, after the safe handling, clear, soft light, lighting and space ratio of the size of a very close relationship.
    design guide

    If the room high, it is appropriate to the five three-pronged fork of the incandescent lamp, or a large round chandelier, this room can look magnificent. But should not use all the downward distribution of light chandelier, but rather to the upper space is also a certain degree of brightness in order to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower space.
    If the habit of activity in the living room, living room space, floor lamp, table lamp on in order to decorate the main, functional, supplemented by design. Floor lamp, table lamps, each with space for the auxiliary light source, in order to facilitate coordination and space with, styling is too strange lighting inappropriate. If the room low ceiling plus floor lamp can be used, so that it appears bright and generous living room with a sense of the times. Floor lamp with on the sofa next to the sofa, coffee table, on the side matched decorative craft lamps, wall or near a low wall placement, so that there will be isolated not only the reading light, but also in the parlor conversation Shihai adds an atmosphere of cordial and harmonious .
    be equipped with direct desk lamp
    lamp selection should be adapted to the nature of work and learning needs should use with reflector cover, the lower opening of the direct lamp, that is, work or writing desk lamp table lamp, lamp light source commonly used incandescent, fluorescent. Incandescent lamp color rendering index higher than the fluorescent lamps, while the fluorescent light of high luminous efficiency than incandescent, they have their own advantages, according to the needs of each form or style lamps to choose love.
    Do not use the bedroom ceiling
    here generally do not need strong light, the color of the best selection of soft warm colors, which helps express a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Available wall lamps, floor lamps to replace the interior central dome light. Wall suitably low surface brightness diffuse material shade, so that bedrooms can become light, soft and conducive to rest. Bedside table can be picture-lamps, headlamps do read the lighting, small lamps used to get up for the night. In addition, also in the bedside cabinet or under low-rise office placement of footlights, so as to avoid Qiye when stimulated by light.
    lights in kitchen and toilet should be corrosion-resistant
    kitchen and toilet wall is preferred, so that to avoid water vapor condensation in the lamps, the impact of lighting and corrosion lamps.
    lamps to be installed where it can avoid places where steam and smoke, it is appropriate glass or enamel lampshade, easy to scrub again corrosion.
    In addition, the pursuit of stylish home, you can bar, restaurant, bookcases Department placed a few spotlights, not only to highlight a special decorative effect of these locally, but also showing different kind of mood.
    dining area lights to warm the
    shade is appropriate to look bright and clean glass, plastic or metal material, in order to keep scrubbing. Floor lighting can also be used, in the vicinity of the wall can also be configured properly warm wall, so that dinner guests would be more lively atmosphere, and can increase appetite.
    Warm Tips
    buy lamps recognized brand
    lamps in the purchase, consumers go to purchase the residential market after-sales service trusted brand. To shop around for the same style, same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and so on comprehensive consideration.
    In order not to undermine the room's overall color scheme, we must note that the lamp shade, shell color and walls, furniture, curtains of color coordination. Invoice, the contract must specify the name of the lamp, specifications, quantity, price, amount. Understand the manufacturer's name, address, contact person, telephone, in order to contact quality problems can be resolved in time.
    buy lamps to see tags
    purchase of lighting lamps should be the first view on the mark, such as trademarks, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. to determine their compliance with their own application requirements. Marker lamps safety security is the basic requirement, which rated power is particularly important, such as the one designed for 40W lamps, due to unmarked rated power, the user is likely to install 60W or 100W bulb, it may cause shell deformation, insulator damage or even cause an electric shock, there is likely to cause a fire.
    should be noted that the protection against electric shock, lamp power, the people must not touch the live parts, there will be no risk of electric shock. If you buy the incandescent lighting (such as chandeliers, wall lamp) will light bulb Zhuangshang Qu, without electricity circumstances, such as the finger touch can not live with small parts, then the electric shock performance is the basic qualified.
    ingenious DIY
    hand is a different shade
    Good lighting is an important factor in maintaining a comfortable living room, that is not expensive and very beautiful table lamps with shades of colors can be coordinated room, add much color to the plain room. You can according to their own preferences in the lamp to add beads or tassels and other decorative objects can also use crayons or pencil in the shade on the paint. Lampshade painted with oil paints to color a wide section, and then with the color of the color contrast of color dotted pattern on the dot. Recruited glue and some inexpensive small accessories, to add something to the shade pattern and texture bar.
    Material: soft pencil, oil paints, clean old toothbrush, soft cloth, glue, paint, tassels, beads and so on.
    Methods: have exaggerated colors, fun patterns and special texture, collage, such as paper-cuts, stamps, posters, photographs, etc. to decorate paper shade; or packaging rope or hemp rope around the top and bottom of the white shade, with glue fixed, and compacted holder has a rope wound on the same texture, to create a rustic country style; or silk flower or fresh flowers to decorate the lampshade on the resin, or flatten the leaves randomly attached to the shade on the ... ... or elegant, or cute, or romantic personality of the shade, it may lead.

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