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Chinese cities will vigorously promote the "green light"
Release time:2015-8-18 14:14:54

Exist for urban lighting brightness of pure pursuit, the pursuit of luxury, energy density of excessive, light pollution is serious, use of inefficient lighting equipment and so on, all localities should actively implement energy-saving reform demonstration projects, light lamps, the lighting power supply system in the within the street lighting and landscape lighting system overhaul.
According to the Ministry of Construction released 10 "" Eleventh Five-Year "City Green Lighting Project Plan", China will vigorously promote the city within the next five years, the "green light" to the end of 2005 as the base, the Town lighting energy-saving target of 5%, By 2010, urban lighting energy efficient lighting application rate will reach 85%.
Planning should be made to improve the urban functions, lighting, basically eliminated blackout zone. The new renovation and expansion of the urban road lights mounted up to 100%, install lights in public areas the rate of over 98%. Main road lighting street lighting rate of 98%, sub-trunk roads, lighting slip rate of 96%. It is understood that the "green light", that is in public facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings and residential in the promotion of efficient energy-saving lighting systems, this is "Eleventh Five-Year" period (2006-2010), one of China's top ten energy-saving key projects . Plan also proposed that

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